Winter’s Last Gasp.

It snowed in NYC today! I love the cold & especially the snow, and it doesn’t last long enough for me. I spent the day today curled up on the couch with my little cat & knit as the flakes flew by the window.

I love the stillness that falls when the snow comes down. The random, yet lyrical pattern the snow follows in its graceful descent. The crunch you can feel through your boots as you walk through newly settled snow. The way the outside world glows blue as the sun begins to settle below the horizon. It truly befuddles me that people look forward to the return of the heat of summer.

(except for students – they have a valid reason to wish for it I suppose, as it brings them a level of freedom they can’t get any other time of year.)

I suspect this will be winter’s last gasp, but I’ll be savoring the last of it. Every last bit I can find.