A new twist.

As I had mentioned last month, I was surprised by the volume of roving available for sale by the vendors at Rhinebeck, and the apparent burgeoning popularity of spinning. Spinning isn’t really something I ever wanted to try – I don’t have the tools & it seems (to this uninitiated chick) like a potentially messy hobby, and one that I’d hate to clan up after.

However, this weekend, as my DH was grooming our enigmatic cat, I started to play with the fresh, downy fur that came off the brush. I spun some of it into some incredibly crude yarn.


The color is quite nice, the texture amazingly soft, but my technique sucks – if you can call it a technique at all. It’s not been carded, nor properly spun, but it was a fun experiment. The fur donor inspected & approved, too.

Inspected by 1429

I doubt I’ll be running out to purchase a spindle any time soon, but I found it to be more enjoyable than I had anticipated. Who knew?