Winter’s Last Gasp.

It snowed in NYC today! I love the cold & especially the snow, and it doesn’t last long enough for me. I spent the day today curled up on the couch with my little cat & knit as the flakes flew by the window.

I love the stillness that falls when the snow comes down. The random, yet lyrical pattern the snow follows in its graceful descent. The crunch you can feel through your boots as you walk through newly settled snow. The way the outside world glows blue as the sun begins to settle below the horizon. It truly befuddles me that people look forward to the return of the heat of summer.

(except for students – they have a valid reason to wish for it I suppose, as it brings them a level of freedom they can’t get any other time of year.)

I suspect this will be winter’s last gasp, but I’ll be savoring the last of it. Every last bit I can find.


Snow Day!!!

Brilliant! See the swirly blue bits on the right-hand side of the map? I’m under there somewhere, cozy at home knitting an Aran cardi & watching Fry & Laurie while the baked ziti…well…bakes in the oven. How nice is that?? I was planning to head over to the public library later as the Elizabeth Zimmermann Knitting Workshop DVDs I requested have arrived! I had no idea that the snow would continue to fall all day, so I rather think my opportunity has passed now. Maybe tomorrow.

Last year we had a big snowstorm & I amused myself by making blueberry pancakes. I had used frozen blueberries which turned the batter purple, making us very excited, but upon cooking, the pancakes came out grey. Let’s hope that the baked ziti is less disappointing.

A nice woman at Trader Joe’s made my day last week. I was wearing a green beret & scarf that I had made and she complimented them and asked me where I got them. I told her that I had made them myself. She got extremely excited. In fact she flipped out a bit – she couldn’t believe that I had made them & said it looked too nice to be handmade. That’s pretty high praise, I think! Certainly made my day.

So the Aran cardi is from Madeline Weston’s book – Country Weekend Knits. It’s a really nice book if you’re not familiar with it, with extremely wearable patterns. I bought some Briggs & Little Regal yarn and decided that it needed to be made into a lovely Aran.

I have very little to show you, as I had to rip it out the other day & start over. I found I had picked up 2 errant stitches & couldn’t find where I had gone wrong. I also decided I’d like to try going up a needle size while I was at it. I’ll have something to show next time…promise.