A much needed break & a lovely day at the shore.

Today was my Nameday – it’s a Greek thing – there are days devoted to celebrating certain saints, and if you are named after a saint, you celebrate your Nameday on the same day. It’s something I tend to forget about, but my Mum reminded me today, so my DH decided to take me out to the beach today to celebrate. I’m a lucky girl!

We got off to a rather late start – I was a bit under the weather & couldn’t decided if going out would help or hinder. Thank goodness it helped!

A beautiful coastline is probably not the first thing that leaps to mind when you think of New York City, but it’s quite close, if you know where to look. Dunes, rocks, sand & sun – all the magnificence of nature, all for free.

I am ridiculously lucky. Did I mention that already? It bears repeating.

We stayed ’til after the sun set below the horizon – I always hate to leave the shore.

The sunset was amazing, and afterwards we went to the Little Cupcake for…

…nom, nom, nom… cupcakes! (And a soy latte)

Thank you for enduring an off-topic post & sharing my day with me. More on knitting next time, I promise.