Santa stopped by for Christmas and all I got was this yucky cold.

Not cool, Santa. I awoke this morning with inflamed sinuses & a fever. Just what I needed. Gratefully, today wasn’t a day when I had to be someplace, so I crawled back into bed to sulk. After getting up, I decided to focus on my tasks that bear a deadline & slack off on the rest. I mean, who wants to eat cookies made by a sickie? I’ve been taking my aspirin & echinacea/goldenseal faithfully. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage this thing.

I realized this morning that I hadn’t actually written all of my Christmas cards yet. I managed to finish those while my DH tried (in vain) to get me to eat some soup. When my sinuses get like this, they play tricks on me. Smells that I normally love smell bad to me – like petrol fumes. It doesn’t do much for the appetite.

Today I received the last of the gifts I have to give – this package took an inordinately long time to arrive. I was beginning to worry that it was lost, but I’m glad it’s finally here, and just in time to give for Christmas.

My knitting friends have been asking me for my patterns lately & it’s become clear that I will need to research knitting/charting programs to facilitate this. I tend to use a sort of shorthand for myself that I doubt others will care for. Within a month or so, I’ll add a section of free patterns to the blog.

Ugh, off to scrounge up some more hot tea & a few more aspirins.