Ahhh, Rhinebeck.

Ahhh, Rhinebeck. Also known as the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival to those with lots of spare time on their hands. I dreamt of it for a whole year, and it finally came.

This year’s festival was just as much fun as I had anticipated, but the pleasant weather provided an unforeseen twist; crowds. Last year was my first time at Rhinebeck, and the weather was decidedly…damp. Not so this year.

What attracts folks to this festival? The promise of beautiful new yarns? The chance to meet up with like-minded people? The chance to see a breathtaking parade of hand-knit garments and their creators? Or is it just the donuts? 😉

The weather was glorious & folks came in droves. It’s amazing that in a sea of people you can still manage to run into people you actually know. I managed to see Susie (KnittingKnoobie), Allyson (Thru the Back Loop), Ann (Pinneguri), and a whole bunch more people – some from Ravelry, some from Twitter, *all* of them, lovely, but having missed both Ravelry Meetups, I feel the loss of those I missed (like Kristin & Mary Jane!). Why did I miss the meetup? I had an EXCELLENT reason. I was standing in line to make a purchase. It was *the* longest line I had seen in the whole festival, and it was long for a reason. The yarns that folks were waiting to buy were divine.

I believe this was the Sanguine Gryphon‘s first year at the festival, and I really hope they return next year. Their sense of color is unparalleled, and their yarns are really beautiful.

Sunday was less crazy than Saturday, and I got to hit the vendors I really liked for a second time, and enjoy more of the scenery. I didn’t take any classes this year, instead I came away with a very nice little stash of new yarn and other knitting-related goodies, which I will show you next time.

I’ll leave you with some piccies of the sheep, goats & alpacas we saw. The sheep & goats had been friskier the day before, but they had been sheared & I guess that makes them a little cranky. :p