One Christmas down, one to go.

Well, we had our first Christmas celebration last weekend, and nature topped it off with deep snow! Exactly as Christmas should be.

We (truthfully, mostly my DH) baked up a storm. In typical crafty fashion, my DH came up with a new kind of cooling rack for all the many baking sheets full of cookies we cranked out. Looks like a ladder? Pish. It’s all the rage in Paris. 😉

And, of course, I got my holiday knitting done in time. My little nephew’s hat & scarf turned out beautifully. I had a little trouble with my progress on the scarf as I utilised a new-to-me technique – reversible cables – and every experienced knitter who took notice stopped me to take a look & hear about it. I’m happy to share, but I cut it kinda close on this project.

Here’s the finished detail on the reversible cables. Easy, really. And it was well received.

And after the festivities & the snowstorm were over, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset, complete with icicles hanging from the eaves, growing in the warmth of the remaining suns rays.

I had a productive day today, despite the fact that I’ve been feeling kinda crappy these past few days. I’ve had a chill in my bones that doesn’t seem to want to leave, and my sinuses are beginning to bother me too. I think I’m finally succumbing to the bug that’s been making its way around as of late. Ah, well. The show must go on.

After a lovely dinner of leftover vegetarian fishcakes with sriracha sauce…

…note the subtle attempt to raise my spirits? Dinner was followed with a hot cup of herbal tea & a movie: Julie & Julia. I liked it, but the DH – not so much. To be honest, I liked Julia & Paul better than Julie & whats-his-face. Meryl Streep played it a little over-the-top, but she had the intonations down pat. She’s a pretty amazing mimic.

Tomorrow I have a pile of things to do – I’ll allow myself Wednesday to recover, and then it’s showtime again come Thursday, as the relatives will begin arriving anew.

I hope you are finding the time to take enjoyment of the simple pleasures this holiday season, as I am trying to do!