Quick, before my cat returns!

I’ve been a bit distracted from my knitting, I admit. I had my adorable little nieces & nephews in town over the weekend, a visit from an old friend & my 25th anniversary with my DH going on, so I think you’ll find it understandable that I haven’t finished this yet, right?

Here is a little update for you; I’ve set the sleeve stitches aside & started the lace portion of the body.

I will be making a slight departure with regards to the finishing touches – last time I made a February Lady cardi I made some short rows within the lace pattern to make it a bit longer in the back – this time I will be making the short rows within the garter hem at the back instead. There was a minor little visual irregularity to the lace that probably only I can see, but I thought this time I would avoid the problem.

I also stopped in at my local fabric shop & picked up a bit of blue grosgrain for the button placket. However, the search for the perfect buttons continues. I always find choosing buttons to be a stressful proposition & I agonize over it until it’s the last thing that needs doing before the project can be called ‘complete’. I’ll be heading into the city next week to sit & knit with some friends – perhaps I’ll find something there.

I also received by new heavy-duty yarn winder from Nancy’s Knit Knacks! I’ve been wanting one of these for soooo long, and when I saw it was on sale, well I caved in immediately. I haven’t set it up to try it out yet, I have too many things piled up all over the place & have no wish to add to the chaos, but I’ll have to soon – I’ll need to wind the 2nd skein of yarn for the cardi shortly. 🙂

Is it not nifty?? They come mostly assembled, and wrapped securely enough to survive a rough ride. It’s beautifully made & operates smoothly. I will love it for years to come.

I finished just in time! My cat sensed bloggy progress was being made & came in to the room to keep an eye on things~  😉

“No more typing for you, Momma.”