Beach day…Earth Day

I knew I was going to be swamped today – Earth Day – so I tried to take a walk on the beach with my DH on Monday, but the weather was against us… it started raining hard when we got to the park, and I had neglected to bring my gore tex jacket along. Anyway, I managed to snap a few photos anyway. There was a lovely cherry tree about to bloom & some geese served as our welcoming committee.



I’ve written before about the Gateway National Recreation Area here in NYC. Someone had the great foresight to set aside some of the few remaining natural areas on the shores of NYC & preserve them. These photos were taken in Jamaica Bay in Queens. It was a hot, cloudy day with the threat of rain hanging in the air. Despite the large buildings in the distance, the only sounds were of chirping birds, honking geese, and the breeze making the brush dance before the coming storm.

Knitting content: I had my knitting in my bag. 😉

A bird just flew into my window!

Really! I didn’t get to see it – my DH told me about it, but that’s so bizarre to me. I’ve seen those bird-shaped window clings that they sell at the Gateway gift shops, but I never thought I would need them. I’ve got to reconsider, I guess.


Gateway, if you don’t know it, is part of the National Parks System here in NYC. Part of our coastline has been protected from development for the enjoyment of the people, thank goodness. I frequently think about this as I drive past the working waterfront in the city, and try to imagine what it must have looked like in it’s natural state, and lament that I’ll never get to see it that way. If you look at old maps of the city, it becomes apparent that most of the coastline in & along NY harbor has been ‘optimized’, that is, filled in & extended to increase landmass. NYC had hills & streams that were leveled out & paved over to make way for roads & buildings. This is an old daguerrotype pic (attributed to Newsday) is reputed to be the oldest picture taken of New York, though I have, I think, seen older:

old NY

It’s hard to imagine such a pastoral setting being marred by asphalt & skyscrapers, but there you are. When there’s a dollar to be had, people tend to devalue nature.

Back to the knitting, people… The pleated wrap I’m making for my Aunt (who gratefully does not read my blog) is coming along nicely. After finishing the second ball, I realized the scarf was probably long enough for her tastes, so I’ve started to ponder a hat design. It will have to be mostly garter stitch in order to match the scarf, but I was thinking a bit of a lace edging would be help make the hat on par with the scarf where the elegance factor is concerned. I make up my own patterns all the time, but I seldom record them in anything more than a brief series of abbreviations in a notes document on my iphone, but this time, I think, I’ll try to write it out properly & share it with you. Check back for it, as I still haven’t decided exactly how I want to proceed. I plan to knit in the round, and making the garter stitch jogless may prove difficult. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done, but I imagine I can apply the same jogless technique from striping & apply it here. Never know ’til you try, right?

My last (I think) order of books has arrived from Knitpicks.

book booty

I’ve been a bit naughty! I’ve indulged tremendously because of the generous 40% off sale. I picked up many of the books I’d been drooling over recently, and some more that I hadn’t even considered before. I feel happy looking at my little pile of books, thinking of all the beautiful knitted items they will yield. That’s what it’s all about, with me.