Long overdue

It’s dreadful how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything here. Life has taken a very busy turn of late & I feel like I can’t keep up with it all. Funnily enough, life has a way of slowing things down for you. I took a spill a few days ago – a pretty spectacular one – and I’ve been trying to ice my hurt knees, chest & shoulder while still preparing for my Mom’s impending visit – an incompatible pair of objectives. Talk about lousy timing. Well, I was elevating my knees & complaining (I’m not a good patient) when my husband’s voice drifted in from the other room ‘You know you haven’t updated your blog in ages!’ I realized he was right, so whilst I am still immobilised, here it is.

I’ve been working on an Aran cardi for a while now, and since the weather has turned warmer, I feel a distinct lack of interest rising every time I take it out & work on it. It’s a temporary phase, and it will pass, but it’s slowed the forward¬†momentum on this project considerably. Nope, sorry. Can’t share pics on this one yet, but I will in time.

I bought some lovely Isager wools a few months back & have been playing around with pattern ideas as I want to make it into a lightweight wrap. Isager has a few nice patterns along the lines I was thinking, but somehow, they seem a bit too reminiscent of fishing nets. I’d like this wrap to transcend seasons, and the fishing net look would really only be acceptable to me in summer.

I also got some Isager alpaca #1 – it’s amazingly soft, yet it doesn’t feel wimpy or fragile. That will become a lacy scarf later in the summer.

Both of my Isager purchases really impressed me. They’re very good quality fibers, but they’re so beautifully spun. The wool #1 is a single-ply lace wt. – I usually stay away from single plied yarns because I’m not terribly fond of felted garments, and all it takes is a small indiscretion on laundry day to make that happen. However, I just couldn’t resist it – it feels quite soft against the skin, with what I can only describe as a Shetland character – it’s got substance for its weight, and will not create an overly-drapy fabric. The spin is tight & amazingly even – no slubbiness at ALL. I haven’t swatched either yarn yet, but I think I will love them.

I’ve been going a bit stir crazy while enduring enforced bouts of resting & icing my knees, so I’ve been reading lots of knitting books & magazines. Have you seen the latest Interweave? It’s better than most of their prior summer offerings, I think. The patterns are a bit more sophisticated than the usual tank tops & camis. Also the latest Rowan Magazine has a nice article about knitting outdoors that pokes around through history a bit – we tend to think of ‘knitting in public’ as a recent issue, but folks have been knitting in public since forever. There’s also an article with mini-interviews with recent Rowan Award recipients. I haven’t got a lot of respect for ‘haute couture’ these days, particularly where knits are concerned, but these up & coming students bear watching – Rowan has an uncanny talent for spotting & nurturing the knitting talents of tomorrow. I’ve also read a few books on traditional Aran & fair isle knitting, watched every movie on the house (not really), and started listening to the audio book of Julia Child’s “My Life in France” which has the unfortunate side-effect of making me unreasonably hungry. I dare you to hear about buerre noisette and shallots simmering at length and NOT get unreasonably hungry. I’ve developed an interest in Julia since seeing Julie & Julia. I didn’t care for Julie, but Julia stole the show (as I understand she did in real life, too).

I’ll leave you with a photo of my ever-present companion/shadow – he likes me being immobilised, I can tell.