Le Chapeau Diabolique (C’est fini!)

front view

Ok, It’s done. The fifth try was the charm. The first time I frogged because the lace pattern I chose didn’t look very pretty when it was done. So I dragged out my extensive resources & found the forest lace pattern I used here. The 2nd & 3rd times were trying to get the jogless mojo going, and the 4th time I abandoned hope & did the body of the hat in purl, but it bagged out unflatteringly. So, I decided to compromise, in a way, and do a slim cable up the back of the hat – while not as attractive as the idea of truly jogless garter, it’s MUCH less distracting than the stupid curved seam, and it got the job done. See?

rear view

rear cable detail 1

rear cable detail 2

Here’s the top view – I did a 5 way decrease & abandoned the cable at the point of decrease, as it would have twisted along with the decreases & looked weird.

top view

I also expanded he lace pattern on the brim a bit, because I wanted the lovely tree-branch effect to show up well. My Aunt lives on land that abuts parkland, and she frequently likes to walk in the woods behind her home – the tree motif is really appropriate for her.

forest lace edging

pleat detail


Perhaps the forest lace isn’t a perfect match for the pleats on the scarf, but it’s a good complement. The pleated edge drapes beautifully, and I felt that a similarly ribbed hat would look somewhat less elegant.

I didn’t commit this pattern of mine to paper yet, and am not inclined to do so unless someone expresses an interest. At least not yet.

It’s a rather burdensome thing to knit for a knitter ~ you want to make sure it’s perfect, and interesting, and wearable… it’s a lot to consider, but worth putting the time & thought into, I think. We give things we admire to those we love, but it should also be a gift that suits, in the end.

So the hat & scarf set are done, soon to be wrapped & gifted to my favorite Aunt – a brilliant knitter, and a wonderful person, BTW. I hope she likes it.

hat & scarf

Things in my life have taken on the feel of a runaway boxcar this week, with more things to do than there are hours available in the day & a number of important projects brewing (which I shall reveal in time). This makes me not only tired, but perhaps not the most entertaining person, so my goal for the rest of the year is to find myself the breathing room to make me a more fun & amiable person to be around. ‘Cause this sucks.

My next goal is to whip out a few more FOs in time for the Christmas rush, and finish the Darcy cardigan in time for Christmas. I had originally hoped to get it done in time for Rhinebeck, but it wasn’t meant to be.

And on a decidedly more positive note, I have a party to go to. tonight!

kakie!My father-in-law is celebrating a birthday today! And while I didn’t have the time to make a home-made cake, I did manage to do the personalization. (I think it shows, too.)


This hat kicked my butt…

That’s not a phrase you hear every day, huh? But it’s true. I frogged & reknit so many times, the yarn started to look a bit worn. Here was my last – & final- attempt at jogless garter. I must now concede that there is no such thing – not really.

grrrrrBeyond the wear & tear on the yarn, I am sick to death of redoing what should have been a quick & easy project…SO! I decided the only obvious solution is to redo the garter bits as pure purl. It won’t match the scarf, exactly, but it also won’t look like there’s a big ol’ nasty mistake in the hat, either. It’ll be finished tomorrow & I’ll post a pic then.