Ribbit, ribbit.

It’s a fact of life for knitters. The pursuit of perfection, and the daring required for trying new things, means into each yarny life, some frogging must fall.

I’ve been working on a hat to match the Debbie Bliss pleated scarf I made,which is predominantly done in garter. See?

pleated scarf

So, I improvised a pattern. I improvised a few, but I finally settled on one that I thought looked simple, yet appealing. The trouble came from trying to knit garter in the round. I tried to apply the ‘jogless’ technique to make stripes look even in the round, but the garter just wouldn’t comply. This is it from the outside. To some it may seen a subtle thing, but to me it looked like a mess:

jogless outThe act of slipping an additional stitch makes the ‘seam’ go up in a spiral path along the body of the hat. Funny enough, it’s less noticeable from the inside:

jogless inI’m extremely vexed, but I’m going to try again. I found a technique that calls for stitches to be slipped purlwise – which I didn’t do last time. We’ll see. I’ll post the results in soon.