Do I know myself, or what?

Well, I frogged the hood thingie I had started making. I was making it for a sweet little girl I knit for in Maine. I decided instead to make a neck gaiter. It’s a bit big, I think, but it can be shrunk a bit in the wash, and she’s growing, so I think it’ll be ok in the long run. That’s my cat Tony inspecting my work, BTW.

I knit a little staggered heart design into it, but you can hardly see the things because of the color changes. Well, she’ll know they’re there, and so will I.

I’ve also started a hat & scarf set for my littlest nephew. I’m still contemplating whether I should make them attached or not. Kids do a great job of losing hats & scarves! Well, there’s time for that yet.

I really wanted to make something special for my in-laws. They both have piles of hats & scarves & sweaters (though it’s a bit late at this point to try to complete 2 sweaters!) and they’re on a purging kick – they’ve been trying to get rid of all the things they aren’t using that are cluttering their lives – a feat that is as admirable as it is difficult. We attach sentimental notions to our belongings that can make it hard to part with them. I know they’d love a handmade item for Christmas, but I hate to screw up their purgy plans. I have to think it through – we’ll see.

I’m also gearing up for the Thanksgiving meal! It’s the first time in over a decade that we’re having it here in Brooklyn. My DH’s brothers will be driving down from upstate with their families for a festive vegetarian celebration. We are all bringing something: I’ll be making an apple pie, cranberry shortbread, and my super-scrummy bourbon “chicken”. I might make a side dish & some wine, too, but I’ll have to check with my Mum-in-law. She will be hosting the dinner at her house, so she should decide what else is needed.

I’ve got to go to the stores to pick up the ingredients I’ll be needing. It’ll be like descending into a sort of controlled madness, but it must be done! It’ll be nice to have a house full of loved ones again! I hope you have a similarly festive holiday planned for yourself.