Stitches East 2009 & fair isle 101

After long & careful consideration, I’ve decided (80% sure) not to go to Stitches this year. I had a fantastic time at Rhinebeck, but I just don’t feel like driving a long way again. I may change my mind – I’m very indecisive, but for now, I’m thinking it won’t happen.

I also wasted about 2 hours this afternoon looking for a nice vacation rental in Maine to replace the one we used to stay at, that apparently is no longer being rented. We loved that place & we’ll miss it – especially since the places I’m finding are all either way overpriced, or too bare-bones. I enjoy staying in homes instead of hotels – we can take our cat with us, we can cook for ourselves, we can relax in a way that just doesn’t seem possible in hotels or b&b’s. I’m not giving up completely, but I just can’t look any more tonight.

So I found a simple-looking fair isle pattern I want to attempt for my first try. You can see it here. It’s very simple, and I can’t help but wonder how the top area would look if it were done in multi-color (think Bohus). I also think I might like it better as a pullover. I’d use shetland wool, despite the fact the pattern calls for alpaca, because I’m in a shetland-y place right now. I wish there was a place nearby that carried the full line of Jamieson’s shetland. I’d like to peruse the colors first-hand, as most e-tailers use ridiculously small thumbnail pics that are *not* accurate. I say this because the last batch I ordered, while pleasing, looked nothing like I expected it to.

The second Debbie Bliss pleated scarf I’m making as a pressie is almost done. After it’s finished, I can get back to the Hargreaves Darcy cardi I’m making. I was hoping when I cast on that one that it would be done in time for Rhinebeck – now I’m hoping I’l have it done by Christmas. Hey I’m learning – aim low. 😉