Back to normal… (wait, this is normal??)

My Mum is home from the hospital (YAY!!!) – the rib was badly bruised – not cracked, and they gave her some lovely prescription painkillers to distract her. Pity they didn’t write me a script as well.

Well, now the drama’s behind us, back to knitting. My knitting dry spell has ended, and I’ve worked on the Darcy cardigan I’m trying to get done by Christmas, as well as some pressies for the young ones in my life. I got a ball of tutti-fruitti colored yarn from a friend over the summer & it’s amazingly soft, but the label is long gone so the possibility of getting a second ball is nil. Such yarn begs to be used in a kid’s project, so I cast on to make a hood/scarf thingie of my own design (though knowing me – I’ll probably frog it & turn it into something else shortly). I snapped a couple of pics to show how the yarn knits up.

The fact that the yarn is single ply almost made me reconsider – I was afraid it might get felted in the wash, but I think most kids wouldn’t care about that sort of thing too much.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get done all of the things I have queued up in time for the holidays. It’s kind of a nice break to work in variegated yarns at holiday-time, as I usually never use them – only for the kiddies. I always admire the way the colors look on the skein, but I feel they lose something when you knit them up. Especially when they ‘phase’ and create pockets of color that look rather more like stains than whimsical color use. But that’s probable just me being too picky again…


It’s not such a small world, after all.

I had a bit of a scare today. After calling around & trying to find my 81 year old mum & failing, I called my brother & also failed to find him. He finally called to say they’re at the hospital where my mum has been diagnosed with a cracked rib. We’re still waiting to hear what the upshot of this is, but it’s killing me being so far away right now & not being at liberty to go to her. They say the world is shrinking, but at a time like this, it certainly doesn’t feel like it.