The Knitter’s Book of Wool

I caved today. My moratorium on spending on myself experienced a momentary lapse. (Truth be told, I knew I’d cave on this one.)


I used to be a major alpaca fan, but this year I’ve come to appreciate pure wool above all other fibers. It’s warm, durable, resilient, lightweight & the gold-standard for fine knitwear. That said, I was very curious to see Clara Parkes’ newest book – ‘the Knitter’s Book of Wool’, and after a few short minutes, I realized it’s a perfect complement to June Hemmons Hiatt’s ‘Principles of Knitting’, of which I am fortunate enough to have a copy.

I love to know the mechanics behind the things I find interesting, and while ‘Principles’ covers the physics of actual knitting, ‘Knitter’s Book of Wool’ takes it further & discusses how the actual structure of wool from various breeds looks, acts & performs. The perfect thing for the tech-geek’s bookshelf, despite the apparent lack of typical technology.


There’s a chapter whose name I love & it’s aptly called ‘From Pasture to Pullover’. It’s a fascinating look at what most knitters don’t get to experience – the progress of the wool from shear, scour, card, to spin – and finally to the dye pot & to you.

I’m dying to find the quiet time to slip off & read the rest of the book – I’m hoping I find some before January! It’s not packed with patterns (though it has quite a few), but really, get yourself a copy of this while you can. I think this book is going to be one of those ‘Holy Grail’ knitting books that people pay outrageous sums for on ebay when they realized how they missed the boat.

My friends, do not miss the boat.