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48 things about me (& more to come, when I get around to it!)~

1. I love photography.

2. I met my husband in a darkroom.

3. As in a place where film & photos are developed, not a ‘dark room’, that would just be creepy.

4. I’m a very harsh critic when it comes to films. I think this is because I hate to feel manipulated. (It’s hard to manipulate me.)

5. I like animals better than people. I suppose that makes me a misanthrope.

6. I have impeccable manners. Which means despite the fact that I’m a misanthrope, I’d never let you see it. Unless you pissed me off, of course.

7. I enjoy solitude. I used to think I’d be ok living on my own island. A trip to Lubec, ME shook that belief. The road out to the Canadian border crossing there is almost devoid of stores. This threw me into a panic, and exposed the grim reality that I am a shopaholic. I now feel strongly that having – at least – a coffee house near your home is essential. Beyond the refreshment factor, you meet interesting people in places like that.

8. Beliefs like that make me suspect that I’m becoming less of a misanthrope as I go on. I still think I’d like island living, and hope to try it sometime. It would have to be an island in Maine, though.

9. I love cold weather – I hate the heat. Which is ironic because my family comes from the Mediterranean. Had we not left there, I imagine I would have run away & gone north. As it turns out, fate hooked me up, but global warming is driving me to go father north.

10. I suspect I will live in northern Canada by the time it’s time for me to retire.

11. I am rather compulsive. When I find something new that I like, I go a bit nuts over it.

12. I think this means I have a short attention span. I bore of some things easily.

13. I have a very developed sense of smell.

14. I would like to learn to play the electric bass someday. A good friend of mine tried to teach me to play guitar once, many years ago. I lacked the finger strength & calluses required.

15. I am green, mostly. Kermit was right – it isn’t easy.

16. It’s expensive & inconvenient to have convictions.

17. I love music. Almost all kinds. It’s the international language.

18. I’m a vegetarian. Between the ‘green’ issue & my love of animals, this is a given.

19. I tend to be rather serious in mixed company.

20. When I was little, some of my relatives used to call me ‘the little old lady from Pasadena’.

21. I am not from Pasadena. They were just thrown by a little kid who used $10 words and had a sense of humor that would make Spock seem like Robin Williams.

22. I still intimidate people, I’m told. I don’t try to. But it comes in handy.

23. I’m VERY different with my friends – nearly non-stop laughs & silliness.

24. I’m a very good friend.

25. I love to read. You get much richer imagery from books than films, I think.

26. I hate to be told what to do. (Who does?)

27. I started knitting a few years ago. My feminist leanings made me feel like this was not a worthwhile thing to do, but I have pieces that my Grandmother & Great Aunts made – mostly tatted lace, but some woven cloth, too. They are amazing little masterpieces. This made me realize that craft can be art, and not a shallow, demeaning pursuit. I mention this because a “feminist” once harangued me on the street as I was knitting that I was “setting the feminist movement back”. I informed her I wouldn’t let a man tell me what I can or cannot do, and I wasn’t about to let her, either. Feminism is about freedom of choice.

28. That shut her up.

29. I am afraid to visit the UK. I think I will like it there so much that I won’t want to leave.

30. I usually don’t say things I don’t mean. I will go so far as to alter the lyrics of songs when I’m singing if I don’t agree with the meaning.

31. I hate beer.

32. Italian food should either be better for you, or lower in calories. Know what I’m sayin’?

33. I love shoes & purses. It’s probably my only ‘girly’ trait.

34. I HATE talking on the phone. I feel that about 60% of the meaning behind any conversation is visual.

35. I love vellum paper & graph paper. I shun the tyranny of college ruled.

36. My fashion sense seems to be stuck in the late 80’s/early 90’s. It makes clothes shopping in the new millennium difficult, at best.

37. I LOVE fuyu persimmons & look forward to the short time each year when they’re in season.

38. I love the smell of woodsmoke. I used to accompany a friend & her family to their vacation home in the Poconos for autumn weekends away from the city, where we were in charge of keeping the fireplace going. I loved the smell it left on my clothes, so I used to bring more clothes than I needed so I could smell like woodsmoke all week long. I wish I had a fireplace now.

39. Devil Dogs were my introduction to junk-food. My 4 year old mind was blown by how good a thing could taste, & by the fact that I’d been wasting my time eating dull things like eggs & chicken soup.

40. Honest laughter is one of the sweetest sounds on this earth. I love making people laugh.

41. I like to collect frosted pieces of beach glass. I have jars of the stuff, and I love the way it looks with bright sunlight sifting through it.

42.  While I love the scent of lily of the valley, it makes me nauseous.

43. I love eating with chopsticks. It makes you ponder & appreciate your food more fully.

44. My clip art file on my computer is massive.

45. I’m a huge Joni Mitchell fan.

46. I’m hopelessly addicted to my iphone. I’ve got pics, music, knitting patterns, blogroll via RSS feed, reminders, addresses, super-secret stuff & amusements all tucked away in it’s shiny, passlock protected memory board. ♥ Love. ♥

47. I think the internet is a wonderful place to share the good things in your life, but a lousy place to vent. There’s enough crap in the world – no need to add to it.

48. I tend to RAMBLE. ;}





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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw your comment on the Martha’s Vineyard blog, about the Ro-bi-tuss-in, and thought it was really funny…I was in Italy last year and had a very embarrassing problem, to which there are apparently no Italian cognates…and I could find nothing on the shelves that appeared immediately similar to American products. Fortunately, one of the pharmacists spoke English. I did not try shouting. Of course, this is not something anyone would shout!

    • Thank you! It wasn’t funny at the time, but I’ve come to see the humorous side of it. Ah well, it’s these little hiccups that make travel abroad interesting & memorable!

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