Glorious decay in the garden.

I spent the afternoon poking amongst the fallen leaves in the garden, trimming, weeding, digging & marvelling at the sights that autumn brings.  Here’s what I saw:

The first surprise was this adorable little visitor hanging upside down from one of the bushes.  He would not be disturbed, and slept soundly through all of our thrashing & weeding.  A cute little brown bat my husband named ‘PeeWee’.

We’re fortunate in that our neighborhood in Brooklyn is rather quiet.  The highways are far enough away so that smog & noise are minimal.  We’re seranaded by crickets in summer, rustling leaves in fall, crows in winter & sparrows in spring.  Even so, this is part of NYC & it’s hardly pastoral enough to expect to see bats in the yard.  This was a rare treat.

The rest of what I wanted to share is rather self explanatory: the glorious colors of autumnal decay.

I know that I said the next post would be about WIPs, but I felt this was worth sharing.  WIPs will be the subject of the next post.

I hope you’re enjoying a peaceful autumn in your neck of the woods.


13 thoughts on “Glorious decay in the garden.

  1. Love Bats!!! Your Pee Wee is adorbs and seems very polite. Bet he had a mosquito schmorgasborg! Knitting Pipeline actually just did an podcast all about bats. Great listen.
    Also, beautiful garden shots!

    • My husband said that they eat mosquitoes & I remembered talking to you about the new crop of the buggy buggers out there. He’s welcome to stay, if that’s what he eats!

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