It’s been a while since I’ve shown any FOs or WIPs, so here we go… a largely visual post:


Appropriately timed for NaSweKniMo, I have 3 sweater FOs to share today. These are actually from last year, but I never posted anything about them in their completed states.

This is one of my adaptations of the Transverse Cardigan from Interweave Knits:

Aran Trasnverse: Longer length, pin closure, I use this as outerwear.

The penannular is a Roman design. Supposedly antique, but I have my doubts.

A bit of green for contrast on the cuff.

You can see the specific Ravelry notes here.

And this was my first Transverse Cardi. It was too short & curled too much so I added a band of aran lattice in Madeline Tosh ‘Burnished’ – a nice contrasting color – to lengthen it & kill the curl.

Buttons from Melissa Jean, purchased @ Rhinebeck 2010

Aran lattice in Madeline Tosh ‘Burnished’

You can see the specific Ravelry notes here.

From this year: My latest February Lady in Tess’ Yarns Superwash Merino:

Sleeve detail: I opted for full length sleeves & made them up in garter instead of lace, which I felt would snag on things too easily. Mistake feather & fan stitch on the cuff.

I added increases in the Gull lace to make it swing a bit:

Ravelry notes here.

Next time: WIPs.


5 thoughts on “FO’s

  1. I was brought to your site because I saw your picture on Knitting Knoobie’s blog and fell in lust with your February Lady. I had to check out what you had to say about knitting. I love your sweaters!

    • *blush!* Thank you for your kind words! I popped over to your blog. You have a lot of lovely knitwear on your bog, too, & I have to say… you have the cutest model EVER! Adorable. 🙂

      • Thank you! I have developed a recent addiction to sweater knitting. It is seriously curtailing my need to knit things for other people’s babies. They may all end up with tiny baby hats so I can keep going on the sweater train.

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