Windin’ & lace knittin’…

I told you about the new yarn winder I bought…. well, I got to try it out last night & it was fabulous! I used to work in a yarn shop & after an afternoon of winding yarn for customers with a Royal yarn winder, my arm felt like it was going to spontaneously combust. My arm felt just fine after winding a huge skein. Amazing. I love it already~

I’m about halfway through the lace body of the February Lady cardi & have begun the increases I put into the last one that make this cardi so comfy & flattering to wear. I started by adding 1 extra stitch between each 7 st repeat of the Gull Lace patt by picking up the bar of yarn between the first & last stitch of each repeat, also making a little eyelet hole.

I’ll take a better picture to show you the detail next time…

By now, I’m certain that you’ve noticed that I seldom knit alone. That handsome devil in the picture above is my cat Tony – the only person in this house that loves wool as much as I do, albeit in a more destructive way. Tony likes to sit on wool. He sniffs it, tastes it & bites it. He waits until your attention is drawn elsewhere before trying to eat it. Needless to say, I keep ALL of my yarn, knitted garments & knitting projects securely wrapped in protective coverings. It’s a huge pain to not be able to just put my knitting down & dash off to do something, but this is the price I pay for my little cat’s intestinal health! (He’s totally worth it.)

I’ll be going button shopping in a couple of days – a daunting task for an indecisive girl, but I’ll try to update again to show what I find to suit this cardi.


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