A new day, and new FOs & WIPs to share.

I had last posted about some trouble I had with a yarn order I recently placed – an important one. I decided to remove the post in the interest of trying not be negative during the holidays. I didn’t say or think anything mean, I just bemoaned my disappointment at a problem – granted a pretty big problem, but one that has been fixed completely, and I’m completely elated about that. And so, let’s move on…

Winter has taken up permanent residence here – at least for now – and the cold has been wreaking havok with my sinuses. Saline & my humidifier help tremendously, but I always worry that I might be more susceptible to catching cold when my sinuses are like this. I’ll be dosing up on my echinacea & golden seal just to be on the safe side. I have so much to do in the next few months – I just can not afford to get sick now.

Um, who *can* afford to get sick? Yeah.

Anyway… here’s one FO; – a lovely little cabled hat for my adorable nephew:

….made from Cascade 220 Superwash, which feels softer knit up than it does in ball form….and two WIPs; the matching red reversible-cable scarf:

Here’s the back…

…and here’s the front.

…and a Morehouse Bilbao scarf: here’s mine so far:

…and here’s what the pattern looks like on Ravelry, and also at Morehouse. It’s an unusual piece, but very stylish with the right outfit.

My Bilbao is made from Knit Picks ‘Shadow’ Kettle Dyed lace weight yarn in ‘Soot’. I had to double it, since this stuff is about as thick as dental floss, and STILL, it’s taking forever. Maybe because I made mine wider than the pattern called for, with a finer yarn? Hmm. The yarn is lovely & soft, and the color is ever so slightly variegated (kettle dyed). It’s really lovely.

Sorry, my iphone pics are not the best – I have to dig out the digital camera & start using that.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged properly – Thanksgiving kinda took it out of me, but I’m fully recovered now. And here is a hint of things to come: there’s a nice little giveaway in your future!

Stay tuned…


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