etsy angsty

I like to peruse etsy’s handspun offerings with some regularity – but I have never bought anything from there. The problem is the kind of knitter I am – I’m not really fond of the little “1 skein wonder” projects – they tend not to be terribly useful things – cup cosies, wristbands, etc. I like to sink my teeth into projects that might outlast me – large shawls, wrap-around kimono cardis, etc. And to make something as large as that you need a serious pile of yarn. It seems that most of the fiber-creationists on etsy only make 1 ball of any particular color scheme. This frustrates me to no end. One of these days I’ll be poking around out there & find a stash of 6 large balls of a great color handspun & it’d blow your mind how fast I’d buy it. Someday, people. It’ll happen.

I still haven’t been able to source a copy of the latest Rowan & it’s starting to really bug me. It was the theme of my dream last night – I kept walking into stores asking for it, and no one had it. I know I can get it if I pop into the city, but I really hate to – especially in summer. I don’t take the subway, can’t drive alone as there will not be parking. That leaves the bus, and if I bus my way in, it’ll be a long wait for the return bus, so I’ll have to kill time, and I really didn’t want to have to lose a day’s productivity just for one magazine. And so, I wait. Bummer.

The Bliss scarf is almost  done. Where are the pics I promised you ask? Well, I didn’t want to use pics I took with the camera in my iphone, because it didn’t really catch the stitch definition, which you need to see in order to get the pattern. I wouldn’t want to see a too-blurry pic, so I’m sparing you. I believe it’ll be finished by today or tomorrow, so pics will be forthcoming soon. I promise. I’ll take some before blocking & after, as the yarn I used – Blue Sky Alpaca Sport – blooms so beautifully after washing – I wanted to share that aspect, too.

On an off-topic tangent, after a few delays, tomorrow is finally the day that the dining room furniture that has been clogging up the first floor of my house is finally GOING. We moved in here last October, and some furniture was in-situ (in the archeological sense). It was nice furniture, don’t get me wrong, but even nice furniture can be a curse when it keeps you from fully unpacking your stuff & putting it all away. My husband & I each have many books, and there wasn’t room enough to put our shelves up to put them all away, so they’re still sitting in boxes all over the place down there. It was a hard decision to get rid of the table, but realistically, the people we invite over for dining are dear enough to us to not mind being served without excessive decorum in the kitchen. Keeping a dining room table that we would use maybe once a year, is folly. Once we finally accepted that, the table was offered & accepted elsewhere. Tomorrow it finally leaves, and we can set about the happy task of getting our home in order. This is all terribly exciting!


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