Storm clouds brewing…

…so what else is new? This summer must have set some kind of record for the wackiest, scariest summer storms in NYC. I don’t remember there being so many severe thunderstorms & incidents of hail & winds – ugh, enough already! This is Florida weather, and they can have it back now, please!

I’ve been knitting the Debbie Bliss pleated wrap because …

a. I needed something a little easy since the heat saps my brains cells, and

b. I had a stash of Blue Sky alpaca sport set aside that was just perfect for the project.

I’m quite pleased with the result & will post pics soon – I promise.

But the wrap is almost done! I’ve decided to try to use up some of my considerable stash on the next project, and am considering my options. Kim Hargreave’s Darcy cardi is the lead contender. I might have to amend the pattern a bit for optimal fit, but we’ll see. It looks a tiny bit short to me.

This summer it seems the buzz about the new fall yarns & mags has started early. I’m thinking I’m not the only one looking forward to the end of this interminable summer! My friends & I have been buzzing about Rhinebeck & making plans about who’s going with whom, etc. I have to preface this with the fact that I’ve been planning to go for the last few years, and each year something pretty major cropped up to keep me away. I’m staring to think that I’m doomed never to see its magnificence. *sigh* … fingers crossed.


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